Bandit Toy Haulers Series

A real, affordable all-purpose hauler, priced right to help you make a buck before you go out and spend a few more.

Whether your loading up tools and supplies for weekday projects, or your toys for the weekend — the Bandit will help you steal away!


North Bay DS

Our North Bay DS travel trailer is built to deliver comfort to you and your family. Maybe you’re a party of two soaking up the sun relaxing by the water on your winter vacation or perhaps family and friends enjoying a weekend getaway at the amusement park.


North Bay Lite

The all new North Bay, a traditional Trailer with superb eye appeal that doesn't drain your pocketbook. Designed to give you the most fuel efficient ride you will hardly know the North Bay is behind you.
With all the comfrots of Home North Bay saves you money and gives you class.

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  • "We're building small, lightweight, and proven floorplans that the customers want. Not a lot of gadgets or glitz, just good, usable trouble-free products at the best price." - Mike Scheetz ~ President

  • "Our game plan at Echo is to be a small but responsive RV manufacturer dedicated to giving the retail customer what they want in a quality product at a good price." - Mike Scheetz