Welcome to EchoRV

Providing a Quality Product that We Stand Behind 100%.

Echo RV is a small manufacturer that does not demand the overhead that the larger companies do. Although we will still do business with the larger dealers, but, our target market is the small to medium dealer.

We are able to provide services that the larger
companies cannot, such as, personalization or special projects.

We stand for integrity. Our word is our bond and you can always trust us to deliver on what we say and to do the right thing. We stand for world-class products at world-class prices.

At Echo RV we put our customers first. Our philosophy is simple: give customers what they want — NOT what we want to sell them. Then do the right thing: provide a quality product that we will stand behind. This means listening to our dealers about what their customers want, and working with our dealers to do whatever we can to take care of the customer. That’s our simple road to success.

  • "This is all about personal service, between us and our dealers, and between us and our retail customers." - Mike Scheetz

  • "We're building small, lightweight, and proven floorplans that the customers want. Not a lot of gadgets or glitz, just good, usable trouble-free products at the best price." - Mike Scheetz ~ President

  • "Our game plan at Echo is to be a small but responsive RV manufacturer dedicated to giving the retail customer what they want in a quality product at a good price." - Mike Scheetz